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Trader Pin Photos Added!

I’ve just added photos of my trader pins.  I still need to add photos of my stickers, tatoos and keychains but will work on that another day.  I’ve done quite a few trades in the past few weeks and was hoping to blog about each one and the person I traded with…but unfortunately it is like having a second job to do so much blog updating!  Perhaps later!


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My Third Trade

Well, I did my third trade today.  Thanks to P for adding to my trader collection.  I haven’t taken any photos yet of my new traders but here’s a photo I borrowed: 

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My Second Trade

This is my first post on my new blog.  Today marks the one-week anniversary of my first trade and it is also the day I did my second trade.  Thanks Joanne for the volunteer pins…they are sooooo cute and much better to see and admire in person than in the photos.

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